Knights of The Round Table Shard


We are using the latest svn with ml . We offer PVM/and PVP with consent only. We have added custom quests  and custom pets. 

   We allow 6 houses per account and ask that you page staff to set your first foundation when you have found the spot you wish to build. Each house comes with a yard.
We are not what some call an uber shard. We are a working shard meaning you work for what you have, nothing comes easy here is always a challenge.
  We have guild towns for sale to those that have 10 active members.  These towns have their own stable, bank and npc's. These area's are set up to have all  of a player's house's as they have a nice big yard pre set . Guild towns are limited to six guilds meeting the requirments.
We have a deco mall, library, vendor mall, training area and hue area. You may hue anything in pack for free. Staff will hue any item for 50k. We also have uni dye tubs that players may purchase to hue most any item including pets.
   You will need to download a hue file so that you may see the colors on the shard. The link can be found on our link page. Put that file into your uo directory, be sure to backup the one that you have in case it does not work. 

Server information:


port 2593